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Village Doubice is situated in northernmost part of Czech Republic, in Sluknov hook. It`s a little village near town Krasna Lipa, that is among large forests of national park Czech Switzerland. Good climatic position makes ideal conditions for recreation. A boarders of protected natural areas Labske piskovce and Luzice mountains is going through the village. There is a small stream going through and a lake in center of Doubice.

Thanks to earlier division of the village to Old and New (later named), Doubice is a very large village. Existence of Doubice as a village is proven in a half of 16th century (so far oldest paper proof of existence is from year 1552). That time a core of the village that layed along of Doubice stream, was made of nine farms, several houses,saw-mill and mainly earl`s house and grounds. Although begins of village are bound with glassmaking, this art lately disappeared at all.
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